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Saturday, November 30, 2013

TUBE -- Stories

This is one of the first singles by TUBE that had more of a "cool-down" vibe, compared to a lot of their fun-lovin' uptempo releases previously. I first saw it being used as the campaign tune for some commercial (forgot what they were selling) in which a group of young twentysomethings was coming off of a night of painting the town red. And I think "Stories" kinda has that sort of feeling to it....something to be played at the end of a great summer day while everyone is gathered around a nighttime campfire.

Mind you, the band's 10th single was released way after that summer December 1989, to be exact. Written by lead vocal Nobuteru Maeda(前田亘輝) and composed by TUBE guitarist Michiya Haruhata(春畑道哉), it didn't quite score as high as some of their previous material....peaking at No. 21 on Oricon, but as a ballad, it still had that TUBE sound. It was also part of their first TUBE Best album, "TUBEst".

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