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Thursday, November 28, 2013

B.B. Queens -- Gingira Paradise (ギンギラパラダイス)

It didn't take the gimmick band B.B. Queens all that long before they came up with a follow-up single to their blockbuster hit, "Odoru Ponpokorin"(おどるポンポコリン). Their 2nd single was "Gingira Paradise" (Sparkling Paradise), a doo-woppy tune released in December 1990 that was used as a campaign song for Victoria, a sports apparel shop that was famous for ski wear...just in time to get those young folk up on the slopes during the Holidays.

The top video is the 2011 version with a bit of a ska beat while the one above is the original. "Gingira Paradise" may not have matched the debut, but it still did quite well, reaching as high as No. 2 on Oricon. And even more importantly, the melody just couldn't let go of my brain when I was teaching in the classroom.

It's not B.B. Queens here but it is a Victoria commercial from that year.

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