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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Top 10 Albums for 1975

1.  Yosui Inoue                                        Kouri no Sekai
2.  Yosui Inoue                                        Nishoku no Koma
3.  Kei Ogura                                           Sama Yoi
4.  Takuro Yoshida                                  Ima wa Mada Jinsei wo Katarazu
5.  Kaguyahime                                       Kaguyahime LIVE
6.  Kaguyahime                                       Kaguyahime FOREVER
7.  Yosui Inoue                                        Yosui Live -- Modori Michi
8.  The Carpenters                                   Horizon
9.  Downtown Boogie Woogie Band      Kei Datsu Donzoko (I hope that's the right reading here)
10. Graciela Susana                                 Adoro

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