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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Takao Kisugi -- Yume yori Tooku e (夢より遠くへ)

I first heard singer-songwriter Takao Kisugi's(来生たかお) "Yume yori Tooku e" (Farther Than A Dream) when it was used as the campaign song for a Japan Railways commercial during my time in Gunma. I thought the melody fit the mood of going on an adventure quite well, and I'd already become a fan of the songs that he and his sister, Etsuko, created for other singers, along with his own works, so it didn't take long before I decided to go on the search for the CD single.

Released in November 1990 as his 25th single, it was another Kisugi collaboration. I think his ballads are very soothing for the nerves, although "Yume yori Tooku e" is a bit more uptempo in tone. And even though the theme seems to be that of traveling, the song can also apply to a breezy trip through the more uptown areas of Tokyo. And considering that the metropolis at that time was still at the tail end of the Bubble Era, it must have been quite the experience to trip the light fantastic in areas like Aoyama, Ginza and Akasaka. To be honest, for a humble English teacher like me, it still is.

By the way, the CD single also has Kisugi's cover of "Second Love", an early Akina Nakamori(中森明菜) hit, as the coupling song.

Takao Kisugi -- Yume yori Tooku e

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