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Friday, November 29, 2013

Maho Suzuri -- Motto Shizuka ni (もっと静かに)

I didn't know anything about its link with a TV drama, but I just liked how this song sounded. By luck, I saw the official video for Maho Suzuri's(鈴里真帆) "Motto Shizuka ni" (More Quietly), and enjoyed the arrangement, especially when the melody suddenly changed keys going into the refrain. It was enough for me to head on down and grab the CD single.

Suzuri hails from Miyazaki Prefecture and made her debut in 1994 with "Kanashimi wa Ashita Shiru Tame no Namida"(悲しみは明日を知るための涙...Sadness is the Tears for Knowing About Tomorrow). "Motto Shizuka ni" is her 7th single released in August 1996. Written by Suzuri and composed by Tsunku(つんく) of Sharan-Q (and Morning Musume) fame, the song became her most successful release to date. The drama, by the way, was "Good Luck" (not to be confused with the later Takuya Kimura drama of the same title) on NTV.

Maho Suzuri -- Motto Shizuka ni

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