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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nona Reeves -- Daydream Park

Another track I enjoyed from the City Pop/J-AOR compilation album "Light & Mellow - Moment" along with Mariko Tone's(刀根麻理子)"Just A Moment" was Nona Reeves' "Daydream Park". There are already a few other entries in the blog by this cool band but "Daydream Park" comes about 8 years after those disco songs, and this one is more for the Prince funk. Written and composed by vocalist Gota Nishidera(西寺郷太)as the title track for their 8th album from February 2007, Nishidera goes into sexy growl mode as he swoons about the woman of his dreams who he promptly labels as his daydream park.

"Daydream Park" keeps on the insistent funk beat and then Nishidera has even more fun with the chorus as he leads them into a merry call-and-back chase. He even uses the slang expression "crackalackin" or something close to it....a word that's probably quite dead now or only used by late-night talk show hosts in America trying to be post-ironically funny.

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