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Monday, October 20, 2014

Kimeru -- The Pleasure of Love

I sympathize a lot with Kimeru since I was an avid Yu-Gi-Oh! fan back in 2004. One of his songs, “OVERLAP”, was used as one of the openings for the anime, and I also used to sleep with it playing non-stop (oh, the repeat button) until I got up to school every single day.

Until I couple of months ago, “OVERLAP” was the only Kimeru song I knew, so I decided to take a look on his discography to see what else I could find. My main surprise was “The Pleasure of Love”, which is a very straightforward pop/rock song with crashing synths in the background. Also, it’s ridiculously energetic and catchy. Soundwise, it reminded me of access and T.M.Revolution, two acts headed by Daisuke Asakura (浅倉大介), a famous synth player/composer. Strangely enough, Dai-chan was not responsible for “The Pleasure of Love”, although he finally worked with Kimeru on the “Starry Heavens” single later.

On a side note, it’s not only musically that Kimeru reminded me of access or T.M.Revolution. His videos are also full of homoerotic references, mostly because of Kimeru’s flamboyant image. “The Pleasure of Love”, for example, shows Kimeru lying in a bed with provocative clothes in a very sexual way. And the English sentences that are showed are very funny as well. In the end, it’s an enternaining video.

“The Pleasure of Love” was released as a single in February 2005 and reached #112 on the Oricon charts, selling 2,813 copies. Lyrics were written by Kimeru himself, while music and arrangement were done by Yoshihisa Fujita (藤田宜久).


  1. Hi Marcos.

    I think Kimeru also reminds me of TM Revolution in terms of his appearance along with the sound of his music....almost to the point of wondering if they were brothers.

    1. Kimeru is undoubtedly similar to T.M.Revolution. Even Daisuke Asakura, who is T.M.Revolution's main composer, responsible for all his hits, worked with Kimeru on the "Starry Heavens" single, like I said before. Maybe Kimeru himself, or his producer, was a very big fan of T.M.Revolution.


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