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Friday, October 31, 2014

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE -- Tsuki no Kimagure (月の気まぐれ)

Over half a year ago, Marcos V. featured "Partition Love" by Tokyo Girls' Style which was their 15th single from February 2014. I rather enjoyed the disco-funk of it all, and when I was browsing around in Shibuya's Tower Records earlier this month, I was lucky enough to come across that very single on the shelf, and quickly took it to the cashier along with my other purchases.

The coupling song is "Tsuki no Kimagure" (Moon Whimsy) which was written and composed by Kikuo(きくお), a freelance composer who has created background music for various games as well as albums involving Miku Hatsune(初音ミク)and VOCALOID.

I spoke with Marcos about how it seemed like the current crop of aidoru over the past couple of years has been trying its hand in different musical genres such as techno, heavy metal and even City Pop (especia is my other favourite). Well, I was glad to hear that "Tsuki no Kimagure" has taken Tokyo Girls' Style into yet another direction. At first, while I was listening to it, I thought the French jazzy music was channeling a bit of Taeko Ohnuki(大貫妙子)circa early 1980s, but after thinking about it, I felt it was just a bit too peppy for an Ohnuki song. Then I realized it may have been taking a stab into breezy 90s Shibuya-kei...perhaps on the same lines as Flipper's Guitar. The lyrics and the music sound very whimsical as the girls sing about drinking 5-colour mixed juice and dancing in one of the craters of good ol' Luna. There's even a reference to "mixed humans". Considering that I also often take a look at the website "Orion's Arm Universe Project" which deals with how humanity evolves and spreads throughout the stars over millenia, I was intrigued by that line.

It's been an interesting year for 21st-century aidoru. Keep on diversifying. Maybe we're entering the age of mixed aidoru. :)

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