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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Kakko -- What Kind Of Fool

I remember writing a post for Kakko’s (or Anju Suzuki [鈴木杏樹], in Japan) PWL debut single “We Should Be Dancing” a while ago. Now, I’m here with her second and even more obscure single, “What Kind Of Fool”, which – just like her debut – was released in 1990.

While I wait for Kakko’s unreleased album to be oficially released one day, I have to deal with the singles and some leaked songs from the album. From what I heard so far, “What Kind Of Fool” is among the best in the girl’s already thin catalogue – even though it wasn’t produced directly by Stock, Aitken and Waterman (it was written by Bill Clift and composed/arranged by “Mixmasters” Phil Harding and Ian Curnow, famous names from the Hit Factory’s floor)

Like most of the songs composed by SAW and their creative team, “What Kind Of Fool” is a dance-pop song with a bubbly chorus that sticks in your mind combined with all the well known synth gimmicks and flourishes that the Hit Factory loved to use. Like I said in “We Should Be Dancing’s” post, Kakko + SAW is the epitome of kitsch.

Well, if “We Should Be Dancing’s” flop wasn’t enough, “What Kind Of Fool” did little to help Kakko’s career. In fact, her lack of success was so big that the Hit Factory didn’t release her already recorded full studio album (something that SAW and Kakko’s fans are eagerly waiting for more than 25 years). In her defense, some comments on YouTube argues that maybe she was two years late to hit it big in England, but who knows...


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  1. Hi, Marcos.

    I have no problems with the song but seeing Anju way back when she was dancing around like a teenager just aged me so much. :) I found out that she "graduated" as host of the venerable music program "Music Fair" a couple of months ago after 21 years. I still remember when she walked on the stage to take over for the previous host, Yuko Kotegawa.


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