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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tommy february6 -- Everyday at the bus stop

I've got to say that Tomoko Kawase(川瀬智子)is probably one of the most imaginative artists that I had ever seen. She and her band the brilliant green made inroads as this indie-poppish group at the end of the 20th century with hits such as "There Will Be Love There", and I felt that BuriGuri had tapped into a musical niche that I hadn't heard in Japan up to that point...a mellow shoegazing type of music.

But then a few years later, Kawase decided to take a break from the brilliant green and came up with a new chic geek persona, dubbing herself as Tommy february6. The name was derived from her nickname and her birthday, and the persona decided to sing 80s synthpop complete with those twee synthesizers.

Tommy february6's debut single was "Everyday at the bus stop" released in July 2001. I couldn't find the official music video unfortunately but from what I remember, I saw Tommy walk on down onto a stage in a cute dress and glasses carrying a big mike as she sang this song that reminded me a lot of some British pop stuff when I was a high school kid. It was about as far from a BuriGuri tune as I could imagine. And I have yet to talk about another persona of hers, Tommy heavenly6.

As I said, I couldn't find the official video but here is the making-of video for that video. Tommy took care of the lyrics while Malibu Convertible took care of the music and overall arrangement. "Everyday at the bus stop" got as high as No. 12 on Oricon.

A photo of a bus stop

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