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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Junk Fujiyama -- Yuuwaku (誘惑)

Here's some Junk funk at you! I can imagine Sing Like Talking and Keizo Nakanishi(中西圭三)clapping their hands most appreciatively at this fellow who could give the legendary Tatsuro Yamashita(山下達郎)a small run for his money.

Junk Fujiyama's(ジャンク フジヤマ)singing style's similarity to that of one of the masters of New Music/City Pop isn't a 100% match but it's still tremendous to hear the fellow bring back some of that old-style R&B. His song "Yuuwaku" (Temptation) has got some of those grunts (thanks, James Brown) and a nice tight horn section with a good thumpy bass. I never really got out all that much to those live houses in Tokyo but would be willing to pay admission to hear this guy play and sing....along with those horns.

"Yuuwaku" was originally a track on his 6th album "Junk Space" from March 2013 which was his first full major album. However, I've got it as part of his BEST compilation "The Best of Junk Fujiyama: Kazemachi" from 2014. His albums may not have flown up the charts but there is plenty of fandom for him.

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