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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tatsuhiko Yamamoto -- Summer Holiday

(excerpt only)

It may have been "Martini Hour" on the cover but boy, the guy looks like he missed out on it by about a minute. All dressed up and now nowhere to go is how Tatsu looks.

But I digress. City Popster Tatsuhiko Yamamoto(山本達彦), who I first introduced in the annals of this blog last month with his debut single "Last Good-Bye", is really pulling on his inner Junichi Inagaki(稲垣潤一)with this peppy tune from his 2nd album "Martini Hour" from 1983 (which peaked at No. 3). In fact, I hope I'm not offending him, if in the unlikely event that he ever comes across "Kayo Kyoku Plus", but he sounds like he's doing his own version of Inagaki with "Summer Holiday".

With a melody by Yamamoto in there that seems to have popped in from "Hey Nineteen", Masami Sugiyama's(杉山政美)lyrics talk about a couple spending that wonderful and romantic time at some seaside bar with those martinis in hand. The only thing missing from this City Pop tune is the iconic plane jetting off into the sky. Considering how hot today was here in Toronto, I think "Summer Holiday" is the ideal song in the blog to commemorate the first day of the season, but the high temperature is dropping about ten degrees tomorrow. Predictably unpredictable, Toronto weather is.

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