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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Katsumi -- Yes, Dakishimete (YES,抱きしめて)

Those "nostalgia from my JET days" feelings continue from my Princess Princess article with Katsumi's "Yes, Dakishimete" (Yes, Hold Me). I did probably hear this for the first time from that commercial selling a particular automobile but it was all confirmed when I bought his 2nd album "One" from February 1991. A bit of an aside about that album; the title track which starts things off is pretty much an anthem based on Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". Katsumi has got the high-tone pipes to do a Freddie Mercury but I'm not sure whether taking a riff off of one of the 1970s greatest songs was the way to go.

Anyways, "Yes, Dakishimete" was Katsumi's 3rd single from November 1990. Seeing Katsumi in that hairstyle and hearing the arrangement had me reminiscing about oyaji gyaru, the sauvage (frizzy) hairdo and the Lambada once again. Written by Katsumi and composed by Hiroshi Ishikawa(石川洋), it's a pretty happy and frenetic pop song for the most part aside from a rock diversion near the end. This was the single just before Katsumi made it big with another commercial campaign tune, "Just Time Girl" that became his 4th single the following year.

His 3rd single was actually a double-A-side disc with "Yes, Dakishimete" sharing status with "With Me". It went as high as No. 47 on the charts but along with "Just Time Girl", this is the only other tune by Katsumi that I am familiar with.

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