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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Kanako Wada -- If

Another nice start to the weekend with one plus being I get to head out for dinner with friends and family tonight in Greektown. It's been a while since I've had some good souvlaki...not sure if I can handle that much food anymore but I can still give it the good ol' college try.

Moving on...since it is a very pleasant Saturday outside, I thought I would write about a just-as-pleasant-and-breezy number titled "If" by Kanako Wada(和田加奈子). This was another track from her 6th album "dear" from 1989, and it's a medium-tempo song with some pep and tight hornsmanship (yes, new word). Do love those horns. Written by Goro Matsui(松井五郎)and composed by Chika Ueda(上田千華), I'm not totally sure about the lyrics since Kanako breezes right through them and the print in the liner notes is so small, but I believe that they are about a woman who is about to happily leave a relationship that is not working. So the title is not merely a supposition but perhaps a very short and to the point ultimatum.

I fully realize that Wada was one of the more famous anison singers in the 80s, most notably for "Kimagure Orange Road", but I also like her for this little musical niche she had made for herself: nicely polished pop songs which won't cure disease but like a good house guest, come in, provide a good experience and never overstay their welcome.

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