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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Jaa ne!

Well, after 2 weeks and 2 days, my 2nd trip to Japan after coming home for good ended on November 18th. For the most part, a fine time was had by me. Meeting old and good friends, having some great food and visiting the usual haunts. They will all be missed until the next visit.

Living in Japan, I had to go to Narita Airport whenever I returned to Canada on vacation but that wasn't too bad since I was living in Chiba Prefecture. However, now that the tables have turned in terms of my residential status, I've been quite happy with my current transportation hub of Haneda Airport right in downtown Tokyo. I've used it twice in as many trips and both times, I've enjoyed walking through the Edo Market and even dining and shopping there.

It looks like tonkatsu was my dish of choice this trip since I ended up having it three times this time around including as my second-last meal in the nation at Katsusen in the Edo Market. Managed to devour a nice hirekatsu set, only leaving a few bread crumbs and a garnish.

Before I went through Immigration, I took a nice look out on the balcony at the planes. Then on the way to my gate, I saw a row of those Japanese massage chairs. Didn't quite fulfill my "mission" of enjoying a massage chair in Akihabara but at least I got my shot in a pretty generous chair for 200 yen. A good 20-minute session. I needed every advantage to get through another arduous 13-hour flight back to Toronto.

Still, it was a good trip with plenty of nostalgia and newness, and perhaps I can make it back here just before the Olympics. Until then, jaa ne!


  1. Hi J-C ! What a pleasant surprise to log on and see Onyanko Club (even if it's a repeat). By my count you're still short a little over 200 Onyanko Club and derivative songs to review, so it'll be a busy 2018 eh? ;) And you featured my favorite of all 52, Nakaji (中島美春) - of course, the first to leave the group and the industry. As one forum poster put it "She got out before she got dirty". I've found her in the 8_8 Fuji Day video from 1996 but that's the last I can trace her: she missed being on the 2002 recording of Shaomikigen and the BOSS coffee commercial. Did marry Kenji "Bob" Ishikawa the Tunnels manager (and arm-wrestling star of Yuyake Nyan Nyan). While she normally took 2nd solos and duets (FEN, Darlin), to my mind her best voicing was the 4th solo in およしになってねTEACHER, where her voice came down and sounded much more robust. Thanks for the post !

    1. Hi, T-cat.

      Yeah, a few down and 200 to go. :) Umm...nah. But to be fair, hopefully, I may find another few interesting entries by Onyanko Club to put on the blog. Hope everything is well on your end.

  2. Hi again, J-Canuck.

    A bit late to the party for your Japan adventure series, but I'm playing catch up and enjoying all the articles that you have written of your lovely trip, and the selection of songs to accompany the articles. Thanks for sharing the stories and the pictures. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    The pictures of the glorious food, though, are a punishment for me, as I can't find much decent Japanese food around my neck of the woods :'( . Really wish I can visit Japan again some time soon.

    1. Hey there, Francium.

      Yes, the trip was great and it was wonderful to see my old buddies in Tokyo again although I will never be a fan of those 13-hour flights to and from the area (especially the meal service).

      Mind you, the airplane food gives further incentive for me to grab the nearest scrumptious bento as soon as I land. :)


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