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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Kumi Miyasato -- Lonely Sunset(ロンリー・サンセット)

Found another Kumi Miyasato(宮里久美)song from the 1980s, and as was the case with her first entry in "Kayo Kyoku Plus", "Kaze no Lullaby"(風のララバイ), this song also had a connection with the "Megazone 23"(メガゾーン23)anime franchise.

I don't recall ever hearing "Lonely Sunset" during my anime buddy's anison hour at this place, like I did the aforementioned "Kaze no Lullaby", but I also like this one as well. Compared with the gentle and classy melody there, "Lonely Sunset" takes things into a much more City Pop direction, with some sax to oomph things up some more. I don't remember all that much from "Megazone 23 Part II" for which this song is associated (and there is one particular scene that I want to un-remember), but I think it would also have been at home on one of the soundtracks for "City Hunter".

"Lonely Sunset" was the B-side to Miyasato's 2nd single "Himitsu Kudasai"(秘密く・だ・さ・い...Tell Me Your Secret)which was yet another contribution to the anime. The single was released in January 1986, and was created by another couple of songwriting vets Goro Matsui and Kisaburo Suzuki(松井五郎・鈴木キサブロー). "Lonely Sunset" was also part of her 2nd album "Allergy"(アレルギー)which came out later that year in August.

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