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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Wish -- Go-Annai(御案内)

I came across this pretty folk song by the sister duo Wish(ウィッシュ)titled "Go-Annai". I found the title rather odd at first since usually when I hear that word, I usually think some guide or corporate person about to give a tour around the facility or to the washroom. But when I took a look at the lyrics, I figured that perhaps the proper translation would indeed be "Guidance".

The lyrics, and the music for that matter, were provided by one of the sisters, Reiko Izumaru(伊豆丸礼子), and she and her other sister, Yukiko伊豆丸幸子...the kanji for the first name has so many different readings so I'm probably wrong; if you know the proper reading, let me know), sing "Go-Annai" as something that I had thought was a elegy after a beloved one's death. Actually, though, the lyrics make it clear that it was not a person but a person's love that had passed away. The guidance here was how to handle the aftermath and then move on with life.

"Go-Annai" was Wish's debut single from 1972, according to Reiko's own website, where she is now known professionally as Reiko Sawa(沢れい子). The single was also placed in their 1973 album "Wish no Hajimete no LP"(ウィッシュのはじめてのえるぴい...Wish's First LP). The duo released 4 singles and 2 albums in total before they broke up.

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