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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Checkers -- Checkers no X'mas Song (チェッカーズのX'mas Song)

With some of those J-Xmas songs that have been put up, some of those orchestra pieces and expensive equipment would probably be needed to perform them right, but Checkers' "Checkers no X'mas Song" is perfectly all right as a pub singalong just around December 24 or 25. Lead vocal Fumiya Fujii(藤井郁弥)created the words while guitarist Toru Takeuchi(竹内享) took care of the music. It was actually the B-side to the band's 5th single "Julia ni Heartbreak"(ジュリアに傷心)which came out in November 1984.

Unlike the characteristic rockabilly blast of "Julia", "Checkers no X'mas Song" is a boozy little ditty about a cute romance right by the Xmas tree. Takeuchi created the song with John Lennon's famous "Happy Xmas" in mind back in the band's amateur days, but instead of anthemic and outward looking, "Checkers no X'mas Song" actually sounds rather intimate....more for a group of buddies around the table singing it after a few rounds of beers, hot buttered rums or spiked egg nogs. I can almost see the Salvation Army fellow waiting outside of the pub entrance for donations while a light snow is falling down as this is being sung inside.

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