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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Naoko Kawai -- Christmas Memories

I heard Naoko Kawai's(河合奈保子) "Christmas Memories" on her 13th album, "Scarlet" which came out in October 1986. This was Kawai's own composition which impressed me since it incorporates the genre of music that I've often associated with Xmas: jazz. And it sounds as if she could've been listening to some Benny Goodman in her younger days...good for her.

The performance in the video is a bit toned down but aside from a tiny lapse in memory, Kawai's vocals come through strong and clear. It's just a pity that the clarinet in the original recording wasn't present in the concert although it looks like the tap dance was still in there. And for fans of old-time J-Xmas music, "Christmas Memories" is a pretty nice tune to listen to while trimming that tree or wrapping those presents.

P.S. The song also has the Japanese title of "Hemingway no Dance Hall"ヘミングウェイのダンスホール...Hemingway's Dancehall), although from what limited knowledge I have of the famed bon vivant and writer, perhaps "Hemingway's Drinking Hall" would have been more accurate. :)

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