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Monday, December 23, 2013

Nanase Aikawa -- Break Out!

Well, as I write this, my family amongst hundreds of thousands across Southern Ontario, has been affected by the worst ice storm in decades. There are currently a lot of homes that are completely blacked out and may remain so up to and including Xmas sadly.

So, writing this, I was wondering which song I could put down today which could even come close to a blackout. The best I could find was Nanase Aikawa's(相川七瀬)"Break Out!", a characteristically feisty early hit for the Osaka pop-rocker that came out in June 1996. This was her 4th single, but for me, it seems that the song was the next notable tune in her arsenal after her debut hit, "Yume Miru Shojo ja Irarenai"(夢見る少女じゃいられない).

Every time I've heard "Break Out!", which was written and composed by Tetsuro Oda(織田哲郎), the first several bars of melody have always reminded me of one of the Burt Bacharach pieces used in the crazed original movie of "Casino Royale" in 1967, "Bond Street" . And the official music video above shows that same form of anarchy in the multiple-apartment set. I'm sure a lot of the staff of those supremely high-priced hotels would get PTSD if they saw this, considering some of the rock stars they've had to host.

But luckily for us listeners, we can enjoy the craziness merely through our headphones. "Break Out!" peaked at No. 4. The song is also a track on her debut album, "Red" which came out in June 1996.

And here I am, hoping against hope, that some electric normalcy will return to my city.

BTW, here is "Bond Street" by Burt Bacharach. Compare away!

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