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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yuko Ishikawa -- Hoshizora no Dance (星空のダンス)

Came across this song by Yuko Ishikawa(石川優子) titled "Hoshizora no Dance" (Starry Sky Dance) via YouTube. Written and composed by the singer, the lyrics don't specifically mention anything related to the Yuletide, but there is enough sentiment of being at that big party and the jaunty melody to make it J-Xmas-y. And it was included on the 2nd of Ishikawa's Christmas-themed albums, "Greeting"which was released in November 1985.

The last time I mentioned Ishikawa was for her contribution to the karaoke-friendly favourite with Chage (of Chage & Aska fame), "Futari no Ai Land"ふたりの愛ランド), and I failed to mention anything of her background. So, allow me to rectify this. She was born in Osaka in 1958 and took that first dip into entertainment by entering the 1978 edition of the Yamaha Popular Song Contest alongside the aforementioned Chage & Aska, Hiroshi Madoka and Crystal King. A year later, she made her debut with "Jinchouge"沈丁花...Winter Daphne). However, she also became a popular figure in commercials due to her cute looks. Below is one such ad (and remember that back then having a slightly-off orthodontic structure was a sign of tu, Seiko-chan?)

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