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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Midori Karashima -- Hoshizora no Christmas Party (星空のクリスマス・パーティー)

Midori Karashima's (辛島美登里)"Hoshizora no Christmas Party"(Christmas Party Under A Starry Sky) isn't an official single from the singer-songwriter's discography but it was her contribution to the special Xmas album with the Fun House Ladies (Karashima, Akiko Kobayashi, Reimy and Mariko Nagai...all recording for Fun House at the time), "Merry Christmas To You", which was released in November 1989.

I bought the album many years later so I didn't realize that "Hoshizora no Christmas Party" had been made almost a year before what is arguably her most famous song, "Silent Eve". Unlike the contemplative ballad, Karashima's 1989 Xmas song is pretty darn peppy and alternately reflects that kid's excitement of being in a toy store and an adult's excitement of being out in a big Japanese city on Xmas Eve at a swanky party. As I've told a lot of people and as a lot of people have told me over there, Xmas and New Year's are switched in terms of attitude when compared to over here in Canada and America. Christmas Eve is the big party night and the young will live it up at some expensive restaurant or at a hotel ballroom before they have the family dinner the next night which may consist of a barrel of KFC and a strawberry shortcake.

It took a while for me to warm up to this song since there is an element of silliness (yes, I'm listening to you, whistle-during-the-instrumental-bridge), but I realized that was the point of "Hoshizora no Christmas Party" have a great time with friends and don't mind if the champagne or wine (Beaujolais Nouveau most likely) hits you a bit too hard. Just be aware that December 25th is not a national holiday in Japan and you're still required to report to work....hangover or not.

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