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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Anzen Chitai -- Kienai Yoru (消えない夜)

As I said when I wrote about the album "Anzen Chitai - IV", not one of the tracks let down the side for me. Whether it was the quirky "Delicacy", the joyful "Kanashimi ni Sayonara" or the beautiful "Yume no Tsuzuki", "IV" just showed Anzen Chitai(安全地帯) at its best.

So I'm happy that I was finally able to get around to another track on that 1985 album, "Kienai Yoru" (Neverending Night), a romantic and sensual ballad that could be the band's tribute to Barry White. Another Goro Matsui/Koji Tamaki collaboration, the song has Tamaki in full heartache mode as he describes what could be a pretty successful night for a lucky couple, and there's nothing like the Anzen Chitai sound as applied to a ballad.

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  1. Ah, Anzen Chitai! I love this band and I like this song, but my favourite is "Suki sa", one of their most popular songs, I guess. ^ ^ Thank you for writing about them.

    I track your blog quite a while, but didn't have time to comment before. ^ ^; I come around here when I saw something about Julie. Posts about him and his songs in English are unusual. : ) Thank you for them. Hope you will post something new about his songs. ^ ^ And thanks for writing about kayo music and keep this blog alive. I've been discovering many great artists through your blog. : )

    1. Hi, Simi. Good to hear from you and thanks very much for your comments and for taking a look through the blog. Yup, Anzen Chitai is one of my favourite Japanese bands as well. I haven't written about "Suki sa" as of yet but would like to get a posting about it before the year is up.

      Kenji "Julie" Sawada is not someone that I have read much about in English on the Net up to now, but he definitely made quite an impression on me when he showed up on the 1981 Kohaku in full glam rock regalia.

      Keep on coming back!

    2. So, I'm back! ^ ^ I hadn't much time to read and comment, but here I'm. ^ ^

      Thanks for post about "Suki sa". It was really enjoyable reading. I commented this as well.

      And with regard to Julie I know/listen him a long time and I'm still really fascinated to everything which he create and his person as well. I think this is what every fan of Julie calls "Julie-mania". ; )

      I saw almost all his performances on the Kohaku and I agree that he looks incredible on the 1981 Kohaku! And this song~ I guess some people was in shock. That't the point.
      But if I may mention: one of my fav of his perfomances is his apperance on the 37th Kohaku in 1986. He sang "Megami". I guess I love this performance so much, because it's my favorite of his many songs. ^ ^ If you are interested in and you didn't see it yet you can watch this here:


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