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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Teruhiko Saigo -- Moero Yoake Made (燃えろ夜明けまで)

Over the weekend with another episode of "Nippon no Uta", I finally had the chance to cross out Teruhiko Saigo (西郷輝彦) from the list of singers I've yet to see on TV. Albeit Saigo's "Special Stage" partner Harumi Miyako's (都 はるみ) difficult-to-listen-to, shrill Enka delivery (on the plus side, I enjoyed her MC-ing, or at least whatever I could understand from it), the fellow churned out a rousing performance, more so during the Latin-themed songs where he would actually showcase his moves.

You could say that I couldn't resist that Saigo charm during "Moero yoake made", even though he's 5 decades my senior... ... Well he is charismatic with those thick eyebrows in a constant slight frown and that little smirk that makes the ladies swoon. Also, when you mix a 68 year-old with the quick beat and start seeing him gyrate his hips, it makes for some eye-opening, awe-inspiring entertainment. The fact that he can still move so naturally and effortlessly at this age is just so... whoa... that guy must've practiced like crazy. And he definitely is as suave now as he was back then! Link above is the same performance of the song I watched. A silver tux fits the song better with a bow tie.

I would describe "Moero yoake made" as the updated version of "Hoshi no Flamenco" (星のフラメンコ), but more bossa nova and less bull-fighter themed. You also got the blare of trumpets and a musical interlude with the castanets and Saigo clapping and swaying away that makes it quintessentially Latin.

This song was written by Saigo and composed by singer-songwriter Osamu Masaki (真崎修), who had also done the arrangement. It was released as his 94th single on 15th February 2013 to celebrate his 50th anniversary in show business (2014), if I'm not mistaken.

Just making a guess but I think I'm not too far off point, Saigo must really enjoy Latin-based songs with that cha-cha beat.


  1. Hi, Noelle.

    I guess that must be Saigo's trademark with the Latin beat. Perhaps he could have been the precursor to Hiromi Go. It's pretty amazing that he can still swivel those hips at an age when most people would be worried about breaking theirs. As one of the three young singers who made up the kakoii original Gosanke (with Kazuo Funaki and Yukio Hashi), I could see him as the member who brought the most flair.

  2. Hi J-Canuck,

    While he performed, I did see some similarities between him and Hiromi Go, especially when he opened up one side of his blazer while dancing. And both also are the most dynamic out of their own generation of the Gosanke.

    Somehow I prefer Saigo to Go, probably because Saigo seems to have a manlier edge whereas Go seems more like one of those pretty boys.

    1. Somehow I ought to make a joke about Sai-go and Go, but I can't think up of one right now.

      In any case, I took a look at some of Saigo's early photos as a young man through Google images. He was quite a handsome dude...and those eyebrows could rip open tin cans!

  3. Yeah, I was thinking about that when I wrote their names down. Tried to make a pun but I couldn't find a suitable one. Saigo is pretty good-looking, especially out of the Gosanke. And he's one of the singers I know with those killer eyebrows!


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