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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Yuko Ogura -- Koi no Jumon wa Papapipupa (恋の呪文はパパピプパ)

NOTE: This is a stock article I wrote in the first days of 2015.

Yuko Ogura (小倉優子) was probably the first aidoru I “met” in 2015. As far as I know, she was a famous gravure aidoru with legendary status in the 00s that also ventured into singing at some point, with varied success.

The first song I heard from her is also the one I present here, a guilty pleasure called “Koi no Jumon wa Papapipupa”, which was used as the ending theme for the anime “School Rumble” (スクールランブル) in 2004.

A simple, yet effective, cute pop song, “Koi no Jumon ha Papapipupa” is a catchy tune that never overstays its presence with three minutes and around fifteen seconds of duration. Also, even while I was listening to Yuko’s “not so big discography”, I quickly learned that her songs were a mixture of cute aidoru pop with Shibuya-kei influences, which is something quite clear in “Koi no Jumon wa Papapipupa” thanks to Yasuharu Konishi (小西康陽), one of the founding members of Pizzicato Five.

As for Yuko Ogura, well..., she was a gravure aidoru, so we must not expect great things from her singing. The girl was cute, though.

“Koi no Jumon wa Papapipupa” was the b-side of Yuko’s “Onna no ko Otoko no ko” (オンナのコオトコのコ) single, which was released in November 2004. This was her highest charting single, reaching #20 on the Oricon charts. Lyrics, music and arrangement were all done by Yasuharu Konishi.


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  1. It's been a while since I've seen or heard from the helium-voiced tarento. And yet, she actually has (or had) a lower voice that you can check out in the bottom video for the article on "Yoru mo Hippare" (

    There is a bit of that Shibuya-kei in there with that Burt Bacharach-sounding intro. I almost expected Tom Jones to jump in.


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