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Monday, March 9, 2015

Hiroaki Igarashi -- Ai wa Kaze Makase (愛は風まかせ)

The above photo was taken in my neighbourhood just a few weeks ago when the temperature was about -1000 degrees with the winds coming in at a breezy Mach 1. Yes, I am indeed exaggerating but I just want to relate to everyone how long and arduous the past winter has been. Well, today was a very pleasant surprise. We actually got broke through the Zero barrier and hit plus +5 degrees with plenty of sun. Knowing Toronto, there were probably wind surfers on Lake least in those areas free of ice.

In any case, it's a Monday night and to further push the mood of spring ever forward, I'm profiling Hiroaki Igarashi's(五十嵐浩晃)sunny "Ai wa Kaze Makase" (Leaving Love to the Wind). Once again, I came across this nice little ditty through Internet radio, and another reason I wanted to put this one up is that up to tonight, I only knew one song by the Hokkaido-born Igarashi (hey, he should know about long winters as well), and that happens to be one of my favourite songs of the 1980s, "Pegasus no Asa".

"Ai wa Kaze Makase" was Igarashi's debut in May 1980 and unlike his 3rd single of "Pegasus no Asa", this is a quiet bossa nova number and a pleasant way to make his way onto the public consciousness. "Pegasus no Asa" which came out six months later has that roving West Coast sound that I used to hear a lot on radio back here in Toronto at around the same time, but his debut song makes for a more relaxing tune at night. Both Igarashi songs were created by the singer and Tetsuya Chiaki(ちあき哲也)but "Ai wa Kaze Makase" can also be credited to Shigeru Suzuki(鈴木茂).

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