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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ryotaro Sugi -- Ore wa Mondainainosuke (俺は問題無ノ介)

Ryotaro Sugi (杉良太郎)... I only knew him as some famous, aged gentleman with a pleasant face who is married to one of the Enka beauties Natsuko Godai (伍代夏子) (the age gap came as an amusing surprise). Some research and the viewing of this week's "Kayo Concert" later, I found out that besides being a veteran actor and philanthropist, the guy also released quite a number of music singles here and there, with "Sukima kaze" (すきま風)  from 1976 being his most successful one. During today's episode, Sugi-Sama sang that very song as top batter. While it sounded alright with his deep rumble, I didn't particularly like it - probably on of those songs that grow on you the more you listen to it. And to end off the show, he got to sing his newest single, "Ore wa Mondainainosuke", that was officially released a couple months earlier on 21st January 2015. Now this one I found a lot more listenable with its funky beat and had Sugi bobbing up and down to it in a smoky blue-grey kimono and hakama... though he was still rather stiff, but what a way to end the show.

Anyway, "Ore wa Mondainainosuke" was used as the theme song to the actor-singer's latest drama "Ishi Mondainainosuke" (医師 問題無ノ介). This period drama, with some laughs added into it, is about Mondainainosuke, a sword-fighting, kindhearted doctor, played by Sugi (His first lead role in 14 years), and his escapades. His catchphrase is... "Mondainai!" (問題なーい!), which is like saying "No problem!". Other than the theme song, Sugi-Sama had also done the planning and its screenplay. Wow. But I suppose he wanted to go all out to commemorate 50 years of being in the world of entertainment. He debuted in 1965, wanting to become a singer at first, but without much success. So he turned to TV and film, where he finally made a break.

(karaoke cover)

"Ore wa Mondainainosuke" was written by Sugi (Oh, this too, huh?) and composed by Tetsuya Gen (弦哲也). It peaked at 136th position on the charts.

Just an after thought: Sugi-Sama has quite the nice smile, kinda cute too... I just mean the smile... I think. I hope.


  1. Hi, Noelle.

    I caught "Kayo Concert" last night and saw Sugi perform both "Sukima Kaze" and "Mondainainosuke". Before I read your article, I'd thought that his role was that of some sort of Mr. Fixit in the Edo Era.

  2. I think he still is somewhat of a Mr. Fixit since he's a doctor and doctors "fix" people up... ... Jokes... But seriously, he seems to be doing other stuff to help the villagers so I guess he's still qualified as a Mr Fixit.

    Oh, did you see Ayako Fuji in a western dress last night? Hardly ever do I see her out of a kimono! I always find it interesting to see Enka singers who always wear kimonos dress in western clothes, sometimes they can make a remarkable transformation.

    1. Sure did. But the remarkable thing about her is that she's already a grandmother!

  3. She's a GRANDMOTHER?! Oh wow. But she looks so, well, un-grandmother-like.


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