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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ami Suzuki -- Don't need to say good bye

Recently, I’ve been listening to some Ami Suzuki (鈴木亜美) songs that I used to play constantly some years ago. Besides the great “alonein my room”, which I already covered here on the blog, and some songs produced by Yasutaka Nakata (中田ヤスタカ) that I am still going to talk about eventually, two special songs from her aidoru years are always among my choices. Those are the ballads “OUR DAYS” and our today’s featured song, “Don’t need to say good bye”.

Released in January 2000, “Don’t need to say good bye” was Ami Suzuki’s tenth single. Like I said before, it’s a ballad, and, although I’m not among the most die-hard ballad fans, especially if they coming from Tetsuya Komuro (小室哲哉), “Don’t need to say good bye” is a very strong song with all the english catchphrases and the pleasant melody.

Ami Suzuki, as I said in the “alone in my room” post, was not a great singer during her aidoru days (she improved a lot with time), but the background singers, which included Komuro himself (as always), helped a lot and gave the song a must needed "oomph" during the choruses. Based on that, we can really tell that Komuro, knowing Ami-chan was a very weak vocalist, couldn’t expect her to handle an emotional piece like this on her own without causing a disaster.

In 2011, Ami Suzuki re-recorded “Don’t need to say good bye” and other old hits from her career and released them in a compilation called “Ami Selection”. Listening to the new version, it’s clear how her vocal skills progressed, but I still prefer the original version with her raw aidoru vocals. Listen to the new version below.

The single reached #5 on the Oricon charts. Lyrics were written by Ami Suzuki, Mitsuko Komuro (小室みつ子) and Tetsuya Komuro, while music and arrangement were done by Tetsuya Komuro.


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