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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mako Ishino -- Haru La!La!La! (春ラ!ラ!ラ!)

Well, I guess I should be yelling "Haru La!La!La!" today since all of us in Toronto celebrated our warmest day in 2015 so far. We got up to a torrid 18 degrees Celsius although it was mostly cloudy with the threat of some major precipitation. Still, Torontonians will be ecstatic to take that after a long hard winter. Mind you, the temps are gonna be dropping like a rock again over the Easter weekend.

Officially, we are nonetheless in spring, so allow me to put up a similarly-themed aidoru tune from 1980. This is Hyogo Prefecture-born Mako Ishino's(石野真子)bouncy 8th single "Haru La!La!La!" (Spring La La La) which came out on New Year's Day...I guess folks really wanted March 21st to come as soon as possible.

Written by Akira Ito(伊藤アキラ)and composed by Koichi Morita(森田公一), Ishino's most successful song has that feeling of a 70s aidoru tune. It has that happy-go-lucky sound that reminds me of some background music that would have been featured on an old comedy-drama from that decade. And the lyrics have Mako-chan trilling happily about being that linchpin in a potential love triangle. To her, it isn't about taking off the petals of a flower while saying "He loves me, he loves me not..."; it's more like "He loves me, he loves me, too...". The situation looks win-win for her.

"Haru La!La!La!" got as high as No. 16 on Oricon, and finished the year as the 93rd-ranked song overall, selling around 160,000 records.

This was actually March 26 2015.
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