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Monday, April 27, 2015

Sentimental City Romance -- Miss Biscuit

Ah, back to another practice teaching session after a week and a half off. Thankfully, this one is looking to be lighter than my previous two so there’s always time for blogging at KKPlus. The way I like to conclude these productive yet tiring days is with some tea and biscuits while listening to some relaxing music. Something to soothe my brain for good sleep before I have to rouse myself at 6 a.m. (ugh). I do have a suitably titled song for this occasion: “Miss Biscuit” by Sentimental City Romance (センチメンタル・シティ・ロマンス). Last time I profiled this band through the smooth-as-brandy “Flight Tonight”, I noted how I’d like to hear more of their music, especially the West Coast AOR sound they were going for in the early 80’s. I did acquire a few of their albums last fall, including “Dancing” which that song comes from.

(cover version)

“Miss Biscuit” is another track from it that stuck with me. It’s also mighty relaxing like “Flight Tonight”, but has a more playful quality to it with that light bouncy beat that reminds me of an oxygen balloon bouncing up and down. Love the swirly guitar riff as well. The lyrics by Tokuo Nakano (中野督夫) and Jumi Kazama (風間重身…couldn’t find any sources to verify the romaji) describe a sweet date with a girl over some treats, enhanced by the way Nakano plays with the consonance of phrases like “champagne-sherbet-time” and “boku wa pop-corn…hachikireso” to the catchy tune he composed. Those in the second example bounce off each other like kernels in a popper. Yummy.

What is this creature anyway?

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  1. Hi, nikala.

    I hear you about those practice teaching sessions...can be quite rigorous. Hang in there!

    Was listening to "Miss Biscuit" as the sun was setting over here in North York...very appropriate listening; nice and calming. You mention about how the words fit together well...I also have to say that Nakano does a good job with the title in terms of those sibilant "s".

    I distinctly remember that album cover with what I will dub Strut Cat from my browsings through "Japanese City Pop". I think the same designer did another cover by the band.


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