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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

nano.RIPE -- Real World (リアルワールド)

I only caught the first couple of episodes of this anime when my buddy introduced it to me a couple of years back. My first thought was whether Franz Kafka or William S. Burroughs was brought forward in time to act as consultant for "Jinrui Wa Suitai Shimashita"(人類は衰退しました...Humanity Has Declined), the story of an unnamed female protagonist in a future where humanity is slowly on the way out; she basically acts as straight person to some of the wackadoodle things that happen around her such as tyrannical chickens threatening to take over the Earth, suicidal bread and homesick NASA probes gaining human form (somewhat more entertaining than Vejur on "Star Trek: The Motion(less) Picture"). 

After getting re-acquainted with "Jintai", I'm going through the entire series once more without any subtitles. It's not exactly easy understanding so I've had to rely on the write-up at TV Tropes to get some further insight.

It took me a while but the opening theme song, "Real World" by the band nano.RIPE has finally grown on me. Released in July 2012 as the band's 8th single, "Real World" has got that catchy beat and with Kimiko's vocals, I couldn't help but think of Judy & Mary whenever I heard it. Plus, it didn't hurt that the opening credits of the show included the cute choreography with the lead character of Watashi and the fairies...I read that the dance sparked a flurry of actual humans to do the same but I've yet to come across their videos on YouTube.

The English Wiki page for nano.RIPE has information on the history and achievements of the band, but just to give a brief summary, Kimiko(きみコ), Jun Sasaki(ササキ ジュン), Nobuyuki Abe(アベ ノブユキ)and Shinn started their indie band back in 2004 releasing their first 2 singles by themselves before their third and last single as an independent entity, "Sekai Ten"(世界点...World Point)came out under the WhiteDream label in November 2009.

As for "Real World", it peaked at No. 26 on the Oricon weeklies, and was included on nano.RIPE's 2nd full album, "Plus to Minus no Shikumi"(プラスとマイナスのしくみ...The Plus & Minus Plot). Kimiko and Sasaki were behind the creation of the song.


  1. Great nano.RIPE!!! I love this band.... :)

    1. Hi, manuenghel. Glad that you like the band. I only know the one song above...what's your favourite tune by nano.RIPE?


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