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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Top 10 Albums of 1970

1.  Keiko Fuji                                      Shinjuku no Onna
2.  Shinichi Mori                                 Kage wo Shitaite
3.  Hiroshi Uchiyamada & Cool Five Nagasaki wa Kyo mo Ame Datta
4.  Shinichi Mori                                 Hana to Namida/Shinichi Mori no Subete
5.  Keiko Fuji                                      Onna no Blues
6.  Simon & Garfunkel                        Ashita ni Kakeru Bashi
7.  Mina Aoe                                       Ikebukuro no Onna/Mina Aoe no Subete
8.  Tom Jones                                      Live in Las Vegas
9.  Mina Aoe                                       Kokusai Sen Machiai Shitsu
10. Shinichi Mori/Mina Aoe              Yoru to Koukotsu to Tameiki to Dai Ni Shuu


  1. Wonderful selection, one of my favourite songs ever is Nagasaki wa kyo mo ame datta!

    1. Hi, Cecili.

      Thanks for your comment. Yup, "Nagasaki wa Kyo mo Ame Datta" is one of THE classic's arguably the most famous song by the Cool Five.


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