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Monday, May 4, 2015

Kiyoshi Maekawa -- Hayari Uta (流行歌)

It feels so weird to have this still of him staring at me as I write...

I like this song a lot. In fact, it is my favourite tune from Kiyoshi Maekawa's (前川清) solo repertoire. However, there's just this one tiny bugbear. I don't have a clear idea of what "Hayari Uta" (literally means "Pop Song") is about. I usually could not be bothered by this fact in most songs I come across, as you'd probably know by now, but somehow it isn't so for this one.

Taking a look at Fumiko Okada's (岡田冨美子) lyrics countless times ever since I took a liking to "Hayari Uta", I kinda had a very vague idea about what is going on. From what I had gathered, it seems to be about our main man here missing his ladylove for most of this song. Lucky for him, he eventually gets a happy ending and reunites with her in the end... I think and would like to think. It sounds nice and all, but I still did not know how its title, which Mae-Kiyo says 3 times, has got anything to do with the rest of the song. My guess is that this fellow is comparing this particular scenario and his predicament to that in one of those Pop songs.

Anyway, the lyrics aside, I had started to listen to "Hayari Uta" not too long after discovering another of Mae-Kiyo's songs,"Oshii Mizu" (おいしい水), late last year, and I found that both have this refreshing vibe that makes them more enjoyable to listen to while relaxing under the clear blue sky or in the late morning. "Hayari Uta", with its music - which is the main reason why I like the song - done by Shousuke Ichikawa (市川昭介), sounds more enka-like though.

"Hayari Uta" was released on 14th May 2000 and is in a few of Mae-Kiyo's compilation albums, like one of his 2010 compilation album, which I got late last year, as well as "Kiyoshi Maekawa Millennium Best Hayari Uta" (前川清 ミレニアムベスト 流行歌). Lookin' at the pictures in this "Millennium Best" album on one website that gave a very brief review of it, I came across a picture of Mae-Kiyo shaving his face. Shirtless. I don't know why that's there either, but uh... I uh... ... I...Y'know... Yeah... NOELLE APPROVES. Um, yes...

Oh, Maekawa...


  1. Hi, Noelle.

    I enjoyed listening to "Hayari Uta" since it has that laid-back and cheerful melody working for it. It has the enka in there but there also seems to be a bit of a Western element...perhaps provided by the electric guitar and strings? Hard to say.

    1. To me, the arrangement of the strings seem to be the one that makes "Hayari Uta" sound more enka-like. But the electric guitar does make it sound Western as well.


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