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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pink Sapphire -- Happy no Jouken. (ハッピーの条件。)

Another oldie but's rather sad that I'm saying that about the 90s, but that's the way the cake crumbles. In any case, this is "Happy no Jouken" (A Happy Condition) by Pink Sapphire...hadn't heard this in a long while. It has that happy pop/rock sound from the times that reminded me of Princess Princess' "Diamonds" from a couple of years earlier. I was trying to remember whether the band's 4th single from May 1991 was a theme for some trendy drama or a commercial tie-in tune. It turned out to be the latter when I checked the J-Wiki article; it was the song used for Recruit, the human resources company that had gotten itself into some trouble due to some insider trading back in the late 80s.

The song was written by Shun Taguchi(田口俊)and composed by Hiroyuki Miyaguchi(宮口博行)and it peaked at No. 10 on Oricon. Along with the Princess Princess comparison, that guitar riff at the beginning of the album version had me thinking B'z as well. My compliments to Takako Miyagawa,(宮川孝子)the guitarist.

"Happy no Jouken" was released just a few months before my departure from the JET Programme so it was one of the songs that rather accompanied me during my travels through western Japan before I took off for home in Toronto. That was a pretty torrid time through Kumamoto Prefecture, especially.

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