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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Chisato Moritaka -- Sonogo no Watashi (Moritaka Connection) [その後の私 (森高コネクション)]

I hope this one stays up for a while.

This song, plus the video, is pure gold... well, at least for someone like me who loves trashy pop songs.

“Sonogo no Watashi (Moritaka Connection)” is a song included in Chisato Moritaka’s (森高千里) fourth studio album, “Hijitsuryokuha Sengen” (非実力派宣言), which was released in July 1989. Yes, I have talked about some of its songs before, here and here.

Back to “Sonogo no Watashi”, it’s simply a very fun Eurobeat song. It will not take you to the moon, but it’s so bouncy (that bass), bubbly (that main synth line) and catchy (that chorus) that you will probably be a little happier just by listening to it. Also, it surely was a concert favorite from 1989 to 1991 (it was generally performed next to hit singles like “17 Sai” [17] or “OVERHEAT NIGHT” [オーバーヒート・ナイト]).

And what about that particular performance posted above? It’s pure Chisato extravaganza, and that’s why I love it. Everything from the dancers dressed like stereotyped Middle Eastern people, Chisato’s little “u-hu” shouts, the easy-but-fun choreography, and, of course, her micro-skirt, is just amazing and ridiculous at the same time. I almost feel in a crazy and fun party every time I watch this concert, which, by the way, is part of her "Moritaka Land Tour", from early 1990 (although from 1990, this concert was released for the first time in late 2013).

The “Hijitsuryokuha Sengen” album sold 215,090 copies. Lyrics for “Sonogo no Watashi (Moritaka Connection)” were written by Chisato herself, while music and arrangement were done by Hideo Saito (斉藤英夫).


  1. Hi Marcos.

    Oooh...a Chisato song that I had never heard before! Very sounds similar to an old Bananarama song, "I Heard A Rumor". Nothing like turn-of-the-decade Moritaka to chase the blues away!

    1. Hi, J-Canuck.

      Chisato was so much fun at the time... If I had to guess, I think you prefer her 90s stuff, but I can't give on her dance-pop phase.

      "I Heard A Rumour" is one of Bananarama's best. I can't decide, between it and "Love in the First Degree", which one is my favorite.

    2. Hi Marcos.

      I've been pretty good with both her techno aidoru and 90s phases. "I Heard A Rumour" was quite the popular song on the university dance floor back in the day. New Order was also another popular band with us.

      BTW, I noticed over on Facebook that you put up that video for Hosono and Chisato with "Tokyo Rush". I wouldn't mind you writing about that short and quirkily sweet song. :)

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