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Friday, July 24, 2015

PSY-S -- Parachute Limit

I was having a nice conversation with a fellow PSY-S fan by the name of Skye Tronn the other day when I realized that it was time to put up another song by the unique band. Well, I'm gonna go with "Parachute Limit" which was their 9th single from October 1988.

I did not know that there was an actual music video that went with "Parachute Limit", so I'm indebted to my commenter since it was indeed Skye that found the video. I first came across the song on PSY-S' BEST album, "Two Hearts" from 1991. Composed by Masaya Matsuura(松浦雅也)and written by Seira Asakura(あさくらせいら), I'm unsure what the inspiration was for the title, but it is a soaring tune that doesn't let up for a minute, powered by CHAKA's blockbuster vocals.

The lyrics are quite imaginative as well: cellophane skies, glass deserts and gold & silver trees. I wonder if Asakura was thinking about Gallifrey when he/she was coming up with the lyrics, but the gist of the song seems to be a couple trying to have as much fun as possible as quickly as possible before gravity-laden reality sets in. Unlike the title, I don't think these kids want parachutes.

Not quite sure whether "Parachute Limit" was ever a theme song for an anime but I wouldn't be surprised if it had been so. It would make for quite the heroic and inspirational theme for the main character. Along with the relentless melody, I simply love CHAKA's delivery of the lyrics and the slight echo during the refrain which makes me think of that couple finally escaping gravity (and the bad guys) and heading into space.

I may have found "Parachute Limit" on a BEST album, but the song was originally on PSY-S' 4th album, "Non-Fiction" also from 1988.

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  1. Wow, I'm absolutely honoured to be mentioned here-- and I'm so glad to have been of any use with my video uploads. I just uploaded all the rest of the videos I've been able to excavate out of the Internet here: This includes a MUCH higher quality rip of Parachute Limit's PV and Angel Night's. : )

    I really love the insight into the lyrics you were able to write-- that really has some interesting connections with the visuals in the video. That old man walking alone in the barren wilderness, and the house burning down at the end... kind of like 景色, it's a happy, bouncy song about some sobering ideas.


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