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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Aoi Sanmyaku

I was walking back to Shimo Kitazawa Station when I discovered this small old theatre with the feature being the old version of "Aoi Sanmyaku"(青い山脈). It's kinda nice to see these quaint movie houses in an era of massive cineplexes. Since I'm a casual purveyor of old black & white flicks (namely the films that get onto Turner Movie Classics), I can imagine folks in Tokyo coming out to see the ancient Japanese productions from decades past.

Of course, if I'm gonna talk about "Aoi Sanmyaku" the movie, then I have to show "Aoi Sanmyaku" the song.


  1. Although I don't think I've seen any old theaters playing "Aoi Sanmyaku", that facade reminds me of this gimmicky izakaya-like joint in Asahikawa that has a huge signboard featuring this very movie - on hindsight, I wonder if that joint had a similar old movie theater next to it.

    Anyway, that "Aoi Sanmyaku" izakaya was an ode to past with old movie posters everywhere and ryukoka playing in the speakers. Food-wise, there was the typical izakaya fare and also the not so typical fare like deep fried crickets (or grasshoppers). I gave the latter a go even though I don't take to insects that well and it wasn't too least I didn't have to wash it down with my glass of green apple soda.

    1. Good morning, Noelle.

      One of my students was kind enough to give me a bag of stewed crickets from Nagano Prefecture one time. The critters were so stewed that I couldn't really taste their true was just the soy sauce, mirin and sugar.

      Nothing like a bag of stuff in your refrigerator to greet you in the morning when it has antennae sticking out of it!:)

    2. Good morning/evening, J-Canuck.

      Well, that's definitely one way to start day.:/ I may have stomached a cricket but the idea of a whole bag of them in my fridge doesn't exactly sit well with me, no matter how stewed they are!

    3. I also forgot to mention the legs. Those were sticking out too. By chance, have you ever had blowfish?

    4. Thanks for the vivid description of stewed crickets. As for blowfish, I haven't had the chance of eating it yet. I've seen it on TV many times and it looks good, but at the same time it looks like the show hosts are playing the fish version of Russian roulette. I'd like to give it a try someday, though.


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