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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

When I first arrived in Tokyo in 1989 to start off my JET Programme career, we were all wheeled over to the Keio Plaza Hotel, and this behemoth building was being constructed right across from our hotel room.

It would turn out to become the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building or as I would simply put it, Tokyo City Hall. And frankly, first looking at this tower of glass and concrete, I had images of the SDF-1 from "Macross"(マクロス). Wouldn't it have been something if architect Kenzo Tange(丹下健三)had admitted that he had been inspired by the show? Life imitating art, indeed. And my geekiness is showing. I'm sorry.

Even close to 30 years later, some pretty fine photos can be had in this area.

Even decided to go up to the observation deck.

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