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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Lounging in Shimo Kitazawa

On the morning of Monday November 6th, I made it another long day starting with a trip to the bohemian Shimo Kitazawa. The only thing is that it's only trendy and bohemian if there are plenty of people with plenty of shops and restaurants open for business. It wasn't quite that way when I got there.

It was pretty sleepy on the winding side streets surrounding the station. It was still before 11 so the only thing that I could see open was the local Daiso, the 100-yen shop.

Well, actually the Shimo Kitazawa Mister Donut shop was open, too. And there's nothing more irresistible than coffee and donuts in the morning...not that I ever had any ambitions in becoming a cop.

Mister Donut has always served those cake donuts which all Japanese have known about which would explain how Krispy Kreme became hugely popular...for a while, at least...back from 2009. Apparently, no one had ever had a glazed yeast-raised donut before in Japan. Still, it doesn't matter whether the ring is yeast or cake; donuts are all good to me.

It was also nice that the entire 2nd floor was deserted. The view wasn't exactly paradise per se but it was sunny which made for a pleasurable morning snacking experience as I read "Day of the Jackal" for about an hour.

Quite appropriate to put on this song by the late Yutaka Ozaki(尾崎豊).

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