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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Junko Yagami -- Summer In Summer ~ Omoide wa Suhada ni Yaite(サマー イン サマー 〜想い出は素肌に焼いて〜)

Although we're obviously no longer in summer, this is the time when folks either reminisce or look forward to the season since it's getting markedly colder here and in Japan.

So, let us at least have a musical traipse through the hot season once more with this sultry number by Junko Yagami(八神純子)titled "Summer in Summer". The Japanese part of the title "Omoide wa Suhada ni Yaite" comes off to me as "Let The Memories Burn On Your Bare Skin" which sounds remotely gross.

Still, Yagami has that amazing way with her melodies as she weaves through this slow funk, and through the late Keisuke Yamakawa's(山川啓介)lyrics, she creates this scene of summer beach seduction and loving with tons of sun, suntan oil and skin. "Summer in Summer" was actually her 13th single from March 1982, the seemingly perfect time to get folks keyed into summer traveling and sure enough, the song was used for a JAL Okinawa campaign.

No idea how it did on the charts and though I checked, "Summer in Summer" didn't seem to get onto an original album back then although it is on one of Yagami's BEST compilations that I purchased long ago.

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