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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Masayoshi Tsuruoka & Tokyo Romantica -- Wakaretekimashita(別れてきました)

Saw NHK's "Uta Kon"(うたコン)for the first time in a couple of weeks, and we were surprised to find out that the main vocalist for Mood Kayo group Masayoshi Tsuruoka & Tokyo Romantica(鶴岡雅義と東京ロマンチカ), Masato Sanjo(三條正人), had passed away earlier in October. So the show gave a brief tribute to Sanjo and the group with the two remaining members of Romantica (member Kosho Okuyama(奥山浩章)died in 2015) teaming up with Keisuke Yamauchi(山内恵介)to perform their biggest hit, "Otaru no Hito yo"(小樽のひとよ).

As such, I would like to give my own tribute to Sanjo by putting up another song by Tokyo Romantica, "Wakaretekimashita" (We're Breaking Apart). Released as their 26th single in April 1974, the ballad's theme of romantic loss plays well with Sanjo's mournful delivery, and this would be another ideal song to cry into a mug of beer or glass of shochu at the neighbourhood watering hole.

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  1. Hello, J-Canuck.

    That's a fitting song to pay tribute to Sanjo. Ah, the kayo world is facing quite a bit of loss this year. Well, but I'm glad that Masayoshi Tsuruoka is still around - he's looking rather frail though.


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