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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Showa Era Food

After my sushi lunch, I later headed off to the East Shinjuku area with all of its bright lights and big city air. My old movie-and-meal gang had gone there to catch "Blade Runner: 2049" at the Piccadilly. Because of lunch, I couldn't make it for the show but said that I would meet everyone afterwards for dinner.

One of our group is a happy-go-lucky organizer who often recommends the restaurant. And so we went off to a place not too far away down the street from the theatre. It was a fairly new establishment called Restaurant Hayashiya which specialized in serving yoshoku (洋食...Western-style Japanese dishes) in a retro Showa Era atmosphere.

I ended up having the hanbaagu and shoga yaki plate which was quite delish. My arteries probably hardened not too long afterwards. But as they say on TV....WAIT! THERE'S MORE!!

Allow me first, though, to put on the song of the article..."Tokyo Rhapsody"(東京ラプソディ)by Ichiro Fujiyama(藤山一郎). Quite representative of the Showa Era.

My friend, Shiho, must have all of her senses working overtime searching and discovering these places. For dessert and coffee, she found this Komeda's Coffee which originally started out in Nagoya but has found fame beyond. I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up in Honolulu or even my own Toronto.

The chain's piece de resistance is Shiro Noir which consists of a huge thick plate of pastry topped with ice cream and strawberry sauce. Calories kept on climbing from there.

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