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Sunday, November 19, 2017

An Otsuka Morning

The R&B Hotel in Otsuka, Tokyo was a place where I spent my time during my vacation aside from my 3 nights at my Australian buddy's condo and that one evening in Mito. It was a good place to stay. As I said in my first or second entry, it's a pretty bare-bones business hotel although not to the level of a YMCA hostel but the place has taken on a stringent economizing policy with no provision of toothbrushes, toothpaste or shaving equipment and providing guests with the option of not having the bedsheets washed during a multiple-night stay.

The northern exit of Otsuka Station has a nicely adorned roundabout right in front of the R&B. As is the case with many an area around a train or subway station, there are a number of eating establishments and convenience stores but surprisingly no McDonalds (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). However right beside the hotel, there was a fine bookstore which I dipped into a few times just to browse.

Early on the morning of November 6th, I did a small walk beyond the southern entrance where the Sunmall Otsuka shopping district was located. Of course, most of the establishments were still shuttered but I did see a few coffee places where commuters were catching a quick breakfast. I guess they must have been for the locals since I couldn't fathom anyone else spotting the joints all that easily.

Get that jolt of old-fashioned musical OJ with Hiroaki Igarashi's(五十嵐浩晃)"Pegasus no Asa"(ペガサスの朝).


  1. I am wondering if I should try Airbnb next time I travel in Japan. I saw some YouTube videos and it looks like an attractive and even economical option.

    1. I think you might want to keep an eye on any articles about Air BnB in Japan. There still seems to be some haziness about how the service is being accepted in Tokyo at least. However, I think it will be needed since there may not be enough hotels to go around once the Olympics draw near.


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