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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

m-flo loves Emyli & YOSHIKA -- Loop In My Heart

When it comes to m-flo's LOVES era which ranged from 2003 to 2008 according to J-Wiki, I have to say that my favourite song there has been "DOPAMINE" with Emyli and Diggy Mo'.

However, the following single in the series, "Loop In My Heart" with m-flo teaming up with Emyli again but with the new partner being YOSHIKA, isn't too shabby either although it isn't quite as much of an earworm as "DOPAMINE". With all of the singers involved in words and music, the general arrangement has everyone playing more of that singing version of hot potato contrasting the high and melodic voices of Emyli and YOSHIKA and Verbal's rapping patter. Perhaps the hot potato being a little too hot and fast for me is the reason that I don't like this one as much as the one before. So, it's perhaps not surprising that my favourite part of the song is when things slow down briefly for the ladies to breathe out their final solos.

"Loop In My Heart" was m-flo's 19th single from July 2005 which hit No. 9 on the charts. It also first made its album appearance on the chart-topping "Beat Space Nine" from August 2005, and then it got onto "Award SuperNova", the m-flo BEST compilation in the LOVES series from February 2008.

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