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Monday, May 26, 2014

Kiyotaka Sugiyama & Omega Tribe -- Silence ga Ippai (サイレンスがいっぱい)

I came across this song by the first incarnation of Omega Tribe (オメガトライブ)when it was led by smooth-singing Kiyotaka Sugiyama (杉山清貴)as the ending theme for some sort of romance-comedy called "Non-neechan, 200W"(のン姉ちゃん、200W...Miss Non, 200 Watts)that my parents had been watching on VHS video. If I recall, the end credits had a romantic bird's-eye of Tokyo as Sugiyama crooned on....a very nice combination.

"Silence ga Ippai" (Filled With Silence) may not have been one of the biggest singles for the summery J-AOR band, but the mellow melody with the de rigueur flugelhorn stuck with me all those years. And one day, while I was living in my Ichikawa apartment, I came across an abandoned box of audiotapes which included the best stuff by Omega Tribe. I slammed the tape into my stereo and eventually re-discovered the song, thanks to my remembering that one word, "silence". Of course, it wasn't enough for me to merely adopt an orphaned tape....I eventually bought the BEST of Sugiyama's time with the band on CD.

Those experts in summer ballad songwriting, Tetsuji Hayashi and Chinfa Kan(林哲司・康珍化), were behind Omega Tribe's 6th single when it was released in May 1985. It peaked at No. 7 on Oricon and has been included in that BEST album I just mentioned, "Single's History" which came out in October that year and went as high as No. 3.

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