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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Miki Imai -- Motto, Motto, Motto (もっと、もっと、もっと)

Another entry from the lovely Miki Imai (今井美樹)album, "Retour" (1990), "Motto Motto Motto" (More, More, More) is a playful track which has the singer trilling about an upcoming secret date (intra-company fraternization) that she is thrilled to no end about.

Written and composed by Imai's songwriting compatriots Yuuho Iwasato and Chika Ueda(岩里祐穂・上田知華) , "Motto Motto Motto" comes off as a mellow mid-tempo showstopper in a rom-com stage musical. If there had been such a scene for the track, the setting would be the evening before that date and Imai, as probably an office lady in a corporation, would be hugging a pillow or teddy bear extra tight around her chest in her bedroom gushing over the possibilities. It was rather interesting that the song was actually used in a life insurance commercial.

But going back to that analogy of "Motto Motto Motto" as being part of a musical, I think the whole of "Retour" would make for a fine soundtrack for such a project. By the way, the original link expired so I only have the excerpt of the song available on the Amazon page selling the album.

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