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Monday, May 12, 2014

Stardust Revue -- Twilight Avenue

When I wrote my first article on Stardust Revue(スターダスト・レビュー), I got a nice recommendation from contributor nikala for one of the band's early songs, "Twilight Avenue". So I was able to find a copy of the original on the Net and enjoyed it thoroughly. The harmony between vocalist Kaname Nemoto (根本要)and the rest of the guys is very soothing, and the music by Nemoto himself has that Jimmy Buffett "Margueritaville" vibe from around the same time. After a hard start to the week, this is the one song I'd like to listen to after kicking off the shoes and stirring up a Brown Cow.

The lyrics by Machiko Ryu (竜真知子)have Nemoto singing about the possibilities of future romance....something that a person sitting on a bench on a pier could fantasize about especially during a comfortable sunset. Stardust Revue's 4th single was released in October 1983 (I think the weather is still comfy enough in Tokyo during that time) and was also a track on their first BEST album in July 1984, "To You - Yume Densetsu"(夢伝説...Dream Legend).

If I'm not mistaken, this is a shot of
the tony neighbourhood of Jiyugaoka
in west Tokyo.

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