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Saturday, May 24, 2014


This may not have been an official single from TUBE's 5th album, "Summer Dream", but the opening track of "SA-YO-NA-RA" is one of my favourite songs from the quintessential beach boy band. I mean, it has all of the tropes associated with Nobuteru Maeda (前田亘輝)and the boys:

Written and composed by Tomoko Aran and Tetsuro Oda(亜蘭知子・織田哲郎)?     CHECK

Sunny melody that makes you wanna roar down to the beach in  CHECK
a convertible even if you've never driven a car in your life?

Brassy sax?    CHECK

Soaring vocals by Maeda?  CHECK

Moreover, "SA-YO-NA-RA", despite its title, is a most welcoming and warm song for the rest of the album which includes the more famous titular track. There is nothing better than a TUBE tune to herald some very nice weather, especially after a harsh winter. The other reason I put this up is the fact that Japan officially welcomed its newest national holiday, Yama-no-Hi (山の日...Mountain Day), which will get its debut in a couple of years on August 11 2016. Perhaps the area specified for the holiday is not quite accurate in terms of what the band represents, but hey, it's all good for the sun worshippers and the mountain enthusiasts.

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