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Friday, May 23, 2014

Makoto Matsushita -- First Light (track)

When I first wrote about this amazing City Pop album from 1981, "First Light", by guitarist Makoto Matsushita(松下誠), it had been under the impression that the original LP was extremely rare and it was out of circulation. Not exactly the most positive of news I had been hoping for, but sho ga nai.

Well, as I have done over the years, I kept plugging away in the hopes that I could come across that rare song or album somewhere. And a couple of weeks ago, I once again checked around the Net at sites such as Amazon and was once again disappointed as I found out that the agencies which actually had the LP wouldn't sell overseas. But then I checked Ebay (members, do change those passwords) and tracked down the CD version. It took me all of a few seconds before I opened up my PayPal account to the wonderful tones of Mr. Matsushita.

The album arrived a couple of days ago and I was privy to my own copies of the Doobie Bros.-like "One Hot Love" and the Steely Dan-ish "Lazy Night". In addition, there is also "September Rain". And then there is the above title track, "First Light". Listening by day or night, it really doesn't matter....I just get this feeling of sitting in that exclusive bar high over the bright lights of the big city and enjoying that Orange Mimosa (yeah, I know it was a joke from "The Incredibles", but still...), and especially if that city is Tokyo, some of those middle-aged salarymen might get a bit wistful for those Economic Miracle days and nights.

The first press had a wonderful shot of
a cityscape  (presumably LA). I think subsequent
releases have the above cover...but I'm
definitely not complaining.

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