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Monday, May 19, 2014

Mayo Okamoto -- Takaramono (宝物)

(cover version)

Singer-songwriter Mayo Okamoto (岡本真夜)from Kochi Prefecture was a regular musical presence during the last half of the 90s and into the next century. She came up with a number of popular songs such as her debut, "Tomorrow" in 1995, but for me, my personal favourite by her was a single that never cracked the Top 10.

"Takaramono" (My Treasure) was the theme song for a mystery-comedy series on TBS, "Mama Chari Keiji"(ママチャリ刑事...Mommy Bike Detectives)starring veterans Yuko Asano and Misako Tanaka. But it was that theme song with the radio-friendly light R&B touch that had me going to the CD store. Released in February 1999, I never figured Okamoto to bring in a bit of that soul music into her material, but listening to the good feelings of "Takaramono", I began reminiscing about folks like Al Jarreau and DeBarge from the early 80s. As I mentioned, the song only got as high as No. 13 on the weeklies, and eventually ranked No. 219 on the annual charts.

Still, I know what I like and "Takaramono" is still my treasure.

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